therapy for my heart and mind

With the kid's schooling slowly gaining momentum, my attention is turning to balancing that with my own career development. As I mentioned in my About Me section, I'm not only a stay at home parent, I'm also transitioning careers. It's taken me a long time to find a couple of areas outside of vocational Christian ministry, that I'm passionate about. Cyber security is one. I recently finished a 10 month program in Cyber security at a local university here in Calgary. This program wasn't technical but rather followed the CISSP domains as set out by (ISC)². I really enjoyed the program. The other area is cloud engineering and orchestration (such as Kubernetes). In this area, I have decided to do the Linux Foundation's Cloud Engineer Bootcamp.


Over the years, I have found the old adage “Writing is therapeutic” to be true. From filling up a notebook with all my crazy ideas and plans; to writing deeply personal letters that never get sent; to the many iterations of my personal blog; writing has been cathartic and good for my soul. Being able to write brings healing.

This blog is called Rapha' (רָפָא). Rapha' is the root Biblical Hebrew word that means 'to heal'.

So why do I need healing?


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