Neon Soup

The Neon Soup Podcast is a my little, infrequent podcast/video channel that takes the leftovers of yesterday and makes them into a feast for today. It's the stuff that I have mentally chewed, pondered and ruminated over that gets regurgitated as a short 5-10* minute podcast. Just like this blog, the podcast will cover an eclectic mix of topics. Who knows what you will get!

*Length depends on whether I rant or not...

Podcast Listing (Latest Episode First)

coming soon...

Podcast Disclosure Stuff

I'm doing this podcast mainly as a fun side project to compliment my blog. You will not find Neon Soup syndicated on Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts. There is a feed here that MAY work with your podcast player of choice, if entered manually. No guarantees though.

This podcast won't be fancy – no professional cover art, sound effects etc. – Its self-hosted and recorded in my basement with a not so fancy headset and shoddy webcam. Hosted on my own Peertube instance.

I'm not interested in making money from this podcast. You won't get advertisements or long winded product placements here. If I do mention a product, its because I'm using it, reading it etc. Links to said products will be generic and not contain any affiliate links. No remuneration is received whatsoever. Mention of any given product does not mean I endorse said product. That said, on my About Page there is a link to my coffee fund. If you want to contribute, coffee is great.

Finally, this podcast represents my opinions only. There are multiple ways to view any given topic and I'm happy to converse with those who don't necessarily see it the same way. Hey! I might learn something new. This podcast is not about ad hominem attacks but rather learning and growth. Please come with the same posture, even if you don't agree.